• Westminster Hamster Cage
  • Westminster Hamster Cage
  • Westminster Hamster Cage

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The Westminster cage is made to very high quality standards there is nothing cheap nor nasty about this cage, it’s a large beautiful cage with contrasting colours throughout, there is a opening door on the front of the cage and one on either side for easy access

It’s a bright cage with plenty of ventilation; even the hamster house is made to a higher standard than most cages for sale

#4 Levels

#Quality House

#Bar Space 9mm

#Exercise wheel

#4 Solid Platforms

#Connecting tubes

#Size W38cm x H62cm x L55cm

Hamsters are the lovable small animal pets that are perfect for beginners!

Hamsters make great pets for both first time and experienced pet owners

Their simple care needs (and small size) make them perfect for school classrooms and kids of all ages

We are passionate and committed to offering innovative products that enrich the pet ownership experience

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