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Simpsons Premium 80/20 Puppy Food Mixed Fish & Chicken What is 80/20 dog food? 80/20, also referred to as 80/20/0 describes the ratio of key components in this superior quality food. 80% meat &fish ingredients, 20% fruit, vegetables and botanicals, leaving 0% room for grains and fillers. This high quality composition is only available in a few foods on the market and is becoming increasingly popular as owners are finally realising the importance and benefits of a good diet for their pets. The Premium 80/20 Grain free mixed fish & chicken puppy food is suitable for all breeds of dogs. The carefully picked ingredients contain human grade protein packed fish & chicken ingredients. With lower calcium, phosphorous and oil levels than the adult range this makes this food also ideal for large breeds. Features: High meat content for extra palatability No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives used No Genetically Modified ingredients Totally grain free Highly digestible ingredients means less feed and less waste to pick up Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, Prebioltics and Cranberries added for extra benefits British owned and made Simpsons Premium dog foods have ingredients and prices that speak for themselves. Rather than spending excessive amounts on advertising like the supermarket brands, Simpsons have saved that money and instead have spent it on better recipes and allowing lower prices for their foods.