Cuffleberry & Co. Beef Venison Apricots & Green Beans With Herbs 400g - free postage

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At Cuffleberry & Co we are all pet lovers so we understand that special bond you have with your pet. They are always there through the good times, the bad times, the tears and the laughter. It is natural that you want to give them the best - they deserve it! In our rural kitchens in the heart of England, our Nutritionists have prepared delicious, restaurant quality recipes. We use only specially selected, superior ingredients to create dishes with layers of succulent flavours and textures which are enhanced with a pinch of aromatic herbs to give your special friend exquisite food that not only tastes great - it looks and smells great too!

Cuffleberry & Co - helping to make meal times a delight and a pleasure for both of you.