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The Rio Grande side open top cage with landing perch is a beautiful cage made to exacting standards so these cages fit perfectly together, perhaps you are searching for a cage that is exclusive, the Rio Grande is not available from any other seller except ourselves, Dahak International Ltd


Rio Grande open top cages are contemporary styled, the difference between this cage and many others for sale is the sheer quality, thicker metal, top grade plastics, you do get what you pay for they say  


But the Rio Grande cage is inexpensive for such a unique huge cage, fantastic to look at, exceptional quality and easy to clean, a wonderful European style home for your bird, you can keep your medium sized birds in this cage, you can hang some toys in the cage your birds will be so happy


The overall dimensions of this cage are H72cm x W46cm x D46cm its larger than most cockatiel cages and very strong too, it comes complete with a quality feeder bowl, a water bowl and two extra wide perches, and a perch for the side opening top


Black cages with light grey trays look really smart and are less intrusive and as you can see the cage in the images is the black cage with a light grey tray


The main door  opens down wards for very easy access, there is a clever twist to this main door, the opening mechanism folds under the door to make a very secure landing platform


The most unique feature of the magnificent cage is the side opening perch with landing platform, you can close this feature of this cage, or open the cage up, the fixed wooden perch will automatically be at the correct position once opened, and when closed will give a extra perch inside the cage - thats clever!


The wire bar floor protector is a good idea, this will separate the base of the cage and you would preferably put a rectangle of sand paper in for easy cleaning, it separates the waste and the part of the cage that the bird lives in


Scattered food and bird droppings pass through the wire bars and collects in the underneath tray, which slides out to allow hassle free maintenance for you and your feathered friend






#Black Frame


#Light Grey Tray


#Side Opening Platform


#Sliding Tray


#3 Perches


#Seed Bowl


#Water Bowl


#Bar Spacing 11mm


#One Door Opening


#Main Door Landing Platform


#H72cm x W46cm x D46cm



These cages will look stunning in your home, or you may want a second cage to pop your bird in when the weather outside is nice and warm and give your birds a taste of the great outdoors, yet safe from visiting cats, larger birds and the like


These cages will be delivered to you flat packed and will take only ten minutes to put together, everything just clips into place making a safe haven and home for your bird


You will find this cage suitable because of its size and the narrow 11mm bars this type of bird














#Small Parrots


#And other larger birds