Advice on Mice

Mad about mice? Find out how to keep your mouse happy.

Mice are social animals so it's a good idea to have a pair living together. Unless you want lots of baby mice you need to keep males and females apart because they breed quickly.


Food and Water

Mice eat grain, fruit and vegetables. You can buy mouse food and give them fruit and vegetables from time to time for variety. Check that:

  • your mice can always get to clean drinking water (a drip bottle is good, but make sure it doesn't get blocked)
  • you clear out old food and replace it
  • your mice don't eat chocolate as it's bad for them



Mice need room to run and somewhere to build a nest (with bedding). Some people keep mice in old fish tanks with wire netting over the top but you can also buy plastic enclosures. Make sure that:

  • your mice can't fit through any gaps in the enclosure
  • they are kept away from drafts and out of direct sunlight
  • they are not kept near other pets like cats and dogs
  • they have things to shred into nesting material like clean white kitchen roll (avoid nylon and cotton wool as they can be dangerous)
  • if the cage has a wire floor it is covered (mice can get sore feet from walking on bare wire)



Mice need exercise so that they don't get bored. If your mice have an exercise wheel make sure it doesn't have rungs in case they hurt themselves. If you let your mice out remember to check that:

  • they can't disappear into holes
  • they don't chew wires or eat plants
  • other pets, like cats and dogs, are kept out of the way



If you handle your mouse regularly it should become tame. Remember to be calm and gentle and take care not to damage your mouse's tail as it's very delicate. Pick your mouse up by:

  • gently lifting it around the middle and cupping it in your hands
  • alternatively, lift your mouse gently at the base of the tail (the part nearest its body) and support it underneath with your hand



Mice will clean themselves but you need to clean your mouse's enclosure and replace bedding every week. Make sure that you:

  • clean away old food
  • clean the water bottle
  • replace bedding and wood shavings



Check that:

  • your mice aren't scratching a lot as they may have mites
  • your mice have something to gnaw to keep their teeth naturally worn